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Laboratories at University of Puerto Rico

This is a summary list of all laboratories at University of Puerto Rico . The list includes links to more detailed information, which may also be found using the eagle-i search app.

Abel Baerga-Ortiz Laboratory

Acosta Pérez, Edna Lab

Adelfa Serrano Laboratory

Adriana Baez Laboratory

Alan Preston Laboratory

Albizu-García, Carmen E. Lab

Alfonso-Méndez, Gishlaine Lab

Algaze-Beato, Antonio Lab

Allende-Vigo, Myriam Z. Lab

Almodóvar- Almodóvar, Pablo, I. Lab

Alonso-Amador, Annie Lab

Altieri-Nieto, Pablo Lab

Altreche-Bernal, Wanda I. Lab

Ana M. Espino Laboratory

Andriankaja, Oelisoa Mireille Lab

Annabell Segarra Laboratory

Arroyo-Acevedo, Hiram V. Lab

Avilés Vera, Luis. A. Lab

Ballester-Ortíz, Gory Lab

Barreto-Estrada, Jennifer L Lab

Barrios-Vázquez, Nilka J. Lab

Behavioral Neuroendocrinology Laboratory


"Our laboratory investigates the cellular and behavioral changes in response to exposure to natural and synthetic androgens. We are currently studying effects of anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) on anxiety, reproductive behaviors and energy metabolism. Cellular substrates such as neuropeptides and neurotransmitters present in the hypothalamus and amygdala are possible candidates for modulation by AAS. Experiments are done both in vivo and in vitro. Results will provide novel information to understand the behavioral consequences of AAS induce cellular regulation from adolescents to adults." (http://www.md.rcm.upr.edu/anatomyneurobiology/jennifer_barreto_estrada.php)

Behra-Fishmeister, Martine L Lab

Benabe-Rivera, Julio E. Lab

Bertrán-Pasarell, Jorge Lab

Bibiloni-Rodríguez, Juan J. Lab

Bidot-San Antonio, Maria E. Laboratory

Blanco, Rosa E. Lab

Bolaños Rosero, Benjamín, Ph.D. Lab

Bonilla-Félix, Melvin A. Lab

Bonilla-Soto, Luis A. Lab

Borges Cancel, Maria T. Lab

Bruno Marie Laboratory

Bueno-Perez, Lynette Laboratory

Burgos-Calderón, Rafael Lab

Cadilla-Vázquez, Carmen L. Lab

Campos, Maribel Laboratory

Cangiano-Rivera, José L. Lab

Carlo-Izquierdo, José R. Lab

Carlos A. Jiménez-Rivera Laboratory

Carlos Torres Laboratory

Castro-Montalvo, Justiniano Lab

Center for Clinical Research and Health Promotion

Claudio-Campos, Karla I. Laboratory

Clavell-Rodríguez, Luis A. Lab

Colon-Lopez, Vivian Laboratory

Colon-Saez, Jose Laboratory

Colón-De Marti, Luz N. Lab

Conde-Santiago, José G. Lab

Costas- Cáceres, Pablo J. Lab

Cruz-Burgos, Rosa I. Lab

Cruz-Correa, Marcia R. Lab

Cytopharmacology Laboratory

Dahiya, Sunita Laboratory

De Jesús-Berríos, Yohana Lab

De Jesús-González, Nilka Lab

Dharmawardhane Laboratory

Diabetes and Cardiovascular Pharmacology Laboratory

Dipak K. Banerjee Laboratory

Diógenes Herreño Laboratory

Donald Dunbar Laboratory

Dr. Edna L. Negron

Drug Analysis Pharmacokinetics Laboratory

Drug Discovery Laboratory


This lab has a level 3 Tissue Culture Room (Room # B225)

Duconge, Jorge Laboratory

Díaz-Pérez, Clemente Lab

Edna E. Aquino Laboratory

Eduardo Caro Laboratory

Elsa Cora Laboratory

Esquilín-Rivera, Inés O. Lab

Evangelia Morou Laboratory

Facundo-Rosado, América Lab

Febo-Rodríguez, Irma L. Lab

Fernández-Repollet, Emma Lab

Flores-Otero, Jacqueline Lab

García-Ariz, Manuel C. Lab

García-Castiñeiras, Sixto Lab

García-Fragoso, Lourdes Lab

García-García, Inés Lab

García-Rivera, Enid J. Lab

Gastroenterology Research Unit

Gerena-López, Yamil Lab

González-De Rivas, María del Rosario Lab

González-Méndez, Ricardo Lab

González-Ramos, Michelle M. Lab

González-Ríos, María del Carmen Lab

González-Sánchez, Juan A. Lab

Gorbea-Alonso, Héctor F. Lab

Guerríos Rivera, Lourdes Lab

Guiot-Martínez, Humberto M. Lab

Idali Martinez Laboratory

Industrial Hygiene

Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Health

Inserni-Milán, Jaime A. Lab

Jimenez-Velázquez, Ivonne Z. Lab

Jiménez-Vélez, Braulio D. Lab

Joglar-Irizarry, Fernando L. Lab

Jorge Miranda-Massari Laboratory

Jorge-Rivera, Juan Carlos Lab

Joshua Rosenthal Laboratory

José G. Ortíz Laboratory

Juarbe, Deborah Laboratory

Kozek Bialorucki, Wieslaw J. Lab

Kraiselburd, Edmundo K. Lab

Laboratory of Airway Smooth Muscle Physiology

Laboratory of Environmental Health

Laboratory of Fear Learning


Our lab studies the mechanisms of emotional regulation using extinction of conditioned fear. Much of what is known about extinction comes from animal models using Pavlovian fear conditioning. We found that a subregion of the prefrontal cortex, the infralimbic cortex (IL), is necessary for extinction (fear inhibition). Moreover, we found that another mPFC subregion, the prelimbic cortex (PL), is necessary for fear expression. We suggest that IL inhibits fear by inhibiting amygdala output, whereas PL drives fear by increasing amygdala output. In addition to our rat studies, we are now studying fear in humans, with the goal of developing new treatments for anxiety disorders.

Laboratory of Primate Morphology and Genetics


Laboratory of Primate Morphology and Genetics contains a 3689 collection of nonhuman primate skeletons.

Laguna-Figueroa, Reinaldo R. Lab

Laras-García, Linda R. Lab

Lebrón-Arzón, Francisco A. Lab

Luciano-Román, Carlos A. Lab

Lugo-Amador, Nannette M. Lab

Lugo-Vicente, Humberto L. Lab

López-Enríquez, Reynold Lab

MBRS-RISE Research Facility (Minority Biomedical Research Support and Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement)


The purpose of the MBRS Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement (RISE) Program is to enhance the research enviroment at minority-seving institutions. The overall goal is to increase the interest, skills and competitiveness of students and faculty in pursuit of biomedical research careers.

Manuel Diaz Laboratory

Marcos-Martínez, María J. Lab

Maria J. Crespo Laboratory

Maria Sosa Laboratory

Martins-Baccin, Antonio H. Lab

Martínez-González, Karen G. Lab

Melin, Kyle Laboratory

Meléndez Aponte, Loyda M. Lab

Miller Laboratory

Miquelajauregui, Amaya Laboratory

Mirabal Rodríguez, Brenda Lab

Miranda-González, Jorge D. Lab

Molecular Bacteriology Laboratory

Mora-Piñero, Edna M. Lab

Mulero-Portela, Ana Leticia Lab

Nazario-Rodríguez, Lelis L. Lab

Nelson Escobales Laboratory

NeuroAIDS, Clinical Neurophysiology Lab

NeuroAIDS, Peripheral Nerve Laboratory

Neurogeneration Laboratory

Nivia Pérez Laboratory

Ortiz-Ortiz, Idith R. Lab

Otero Rosario, Miguel A. Lab

Pharmaceutical Research, Development, and Processing Laboratory


Research in the design and development of novel drug products from preformulation, formulation, up to production including stability, quality and in-vitro in-vivo correlation, is performed. Solids, liquids and semisolids dosage form technology; pharmaceutical material characterization and performance; process analytical technology (PAT); controlled release and novel delivery systems such as nanotechnology, microspheres, liposomes, implants, microcapsules and mucoadhesives are studied.

Pharmaceutical Sciences Department

Pharmacology / Molecular Biology Laboratory

Philip Specht Laboratory

Pita-García, Ignacio L. Lab

Pérez-Torres, Raúl Lab

Quintero-Méndez, Elisa M. Lab

Quirk, Gregory Laboratory

Rafael García Laboratory

Ralat, Sandra I. Laboratory

Ramos-Cortés, Edwardo Lab

Reyes-Báez, Gloria Lab

Rios, Ruth E. Laboratory

Rivera González, Raúl Lab

Rivera-Brown, Anita Lab

Rivera-Jiménez, Enid Lab

Robert Kensler Laboratory

Roberto Meléndez Laboratory

Robledo-Burgos, Iraida E. Lab

Roche-Lima, Abiel Laboratory

Rodriguez-Sierra, Carlos J. Laboratory

Rodríguez Quilinchini, Segundo A. Lab

Rodríguez Sánchez, Rebecca Lab

Rodríguez-González, Vanessa E. Lab

Rodríguez-Medina, José Lab

Rodríguez-Mercado, Rafael Lab

Rodríguez-Orengo, José F. Lab

Rodríguez-Rivera, Zoé M. Lab

Romaguera-Agrait, Josefina E. Lab

Ríos-Solá, Grissel Lab

Sabzali Javadov Laboratory

Santacana-Vázquez, Guido E. Lab

Santana-Bagur, Jorge L. Lab

Santiago, Darlene Laboratory

Santiago-Borrero, Pedro Lab

Sariol-Curbelo, Carlos A. Lab

Seguinot-Barbosa, Jose Lab

Serrano-Ramos, Carmen Lab

Sherly Pardo Laboratory

Sierra Mercado, Demetrio Lab

Silva-Hernández, Frieda Lab

Stelzer-Wiegleb, Torsten Lab

Susan Corey Laboratory

Sylvette Ayala Laboratory

Sánchez-Colón, Néstor Lab

Torres-Rodríguez, Esther A. Lab

Tortolero-Luna, Guillermo Lab

UPR Comprehensive Cancer Center


Laboratory #10

UPR Comprehensive Cancer Center


Laboratory #8

UPR Comprehensive Cancer Center


Laboratory # 9

Vilá-Pérez, Luis M. Lab

Viral and Immunology Laboratory

Vivas-Mejía, Pablo E. Lab

Vázquez Andino, Guillermo J., M.D. Lab

Walter Frontera Laboratory

Walter Silva Laboratory

Wojna-Muñiz, Valerie Lab

Yudowski, Guillermo A. Lab

Zorrilla-Maldonado, Carmen D. Lab

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