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  • Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. Molecular Imager Gel Doc XR System ( Gel imaging system )

    "The Molecular Imager® Gel Doc™ XR documentation system is a fast, easy-to-use, high-resolution gel imaging system. It includes darkroom; camera; UV- and white-light illumination; filter slider with amber filter; and UV-protection shield. Easy-to-use "capture and print" Quantity One® 1-D analysis software and unlimited copies of Quantity One Basic software are also included."

  • Heidolph Titamax 1000 Incubator shaker ( Incubator shaker )

    For 96 plates.

  • HPLC ( High performance liquid chromatography instrument )

  • Molecular Devices, Inc. SpectraMax 190 absorbance microplate reader ( Microplate reader )

    "The patented multichannel optical design of the SpectraMax® 190 Absorbance Microplate Reader mimics a dual beam spectrophotometer, measures each sample in the plate directly, and eliminates measurement error due to variations in light output between optical fibers on other instruments for more reliable data reporting. The eight-channel system delivers both high precision and speed when reading 96-well microplates for endpoint measurements, kinetic assays, and spectral scans."

  • Mr Winter Cold room ( Cold room )

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