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RCMI Flow Cytometry Unit


The specific objectives of this unit are to provide access to flow cytometry technology resources to investigators, students, and technical personnel; to train users in the utilization of flow cytometry; instrumentation and in its multiple applications in biological research; to provide basic technical support in flow cytometry methodology to interested users of the facility, and to encourage the development of new methodology and applications in the area of flow cytometry. Provides specialized seminars in flow cytometry basic and clinical applications.






  • BD CellQuest Pro ( Software )

    "BD CellQuest Pro software allows you to acquire and analyze data from your flow cytometer on a Macintosh® computer. Working in the BD CellQuest Pro Experiment document window, you can create several types of plots, including multicolor contour plots and overlaid histograms, and you can generate statistics for dot plots, histograms, density plots, 3D plots, and contour plots. The versatile graphics tool palette helps you produce presentation-quality documents. You can also save everything in an Experiment document, including plots, regions, gates, markers, statistics, calculated expressions, Browser contents, annotations, and color preferences, and then restore it all later."

  • FACScomp ( Software )

    Flow cytometer instrument control and data collection/visualization software for Macintosh.

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