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Annabell Segarra Laboratory






  • MCiD Elite ( Software )

    Used for analysis of autoradiography data.

  • MicroCal Inc. Origin ( Software )

    Technical graphing software for calorimetry systems.

  • STATISTICA ( Software )

    "The STATISTICA line of software provides a comprehensive and integrated set of tools and solutions for:
    * Data analysis and reporting, data mining and predictive modeling, business intelligence, simple and multivariate QC, process monitoring, analytic optimization, simulation, and for applying a large number of statistical and other analytic techniques to address routine and advanced data analysis needs
    * Data visualization, graphical data analysis, visual data mining, visual querying, and simple and advanced scientific and business graphing
    * Simple and advanced desktop analyses and computing for business, engineering, research institutions, universities, laboratories, and for applications ranging from CRM and predictive modeling to the application of multivariate model-based quality control.
    * Role-based and guided enterprise-wide analytic computing and reporting, using Web-enabled server-based computations managed by a mature, robust, scalable, and open-architected server platform that can take advantage of the most powerful hardware, multi-core servers, and server farms, to perform mission critical analytic tasks (in validated manufacturing environments) that in many cases cannot be accomplished by any other analytic solution platform."

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