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Ghaly, Evone S.

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    Research Interests: My research is focused on the fundamental pharmaceutical sciences and the practical application in the industrial pharmacy. I am involved in the development of drug products from pre-formulation up to production and translation research. My research interests are in the areas of drug delivery systems, solid dosage forms technology, physical pharmacy and advanced process, coating technology, extrusion, formulations, physical characteristics and better understanding of the solid state of the API’S and excipient, quality by design, process optimization, dissolution, analytical technology (PAT), controlled release using different types of polymer such as hydrophilic swellable, thermoplastic polymer, water insoluble, and biodegradable polymers. I am also interested in the development of the most feasible approach of new delivery system such as: medicated liposome for delivery and targeting of drugs, nanoparticle delivery systems, microencapsulation, microspheres, and muco-adhesives. I am also interested in the development of different dosage forms such as disperse systems, hydrogels and emulsions. Understanding the mechanisms of dissolution enhancement, invitro-invivo correlation, complex formation and protein binding Research Areas: 1. Controlled release dosage forms 2. Formulation and development studies of solid and liquid dosage forms 3. Material Characterization 4. Granulation and mechanism of granule growth 5. Drug dissolution from various drug-polymer systems, In-Vitro and In-Vivo correlations 6. Physico-chemical properties and compaction characteristics of excipient and different systems 7. Systems development and evaluation for drug- protein binding and drug-drug interactions 8. Enhancing dissolution and concepts of dissolution 9. Complexation, solubilization, and stability of different types of drugs 10. Drug delivery (microspheres, liposomes), nanoparticles and transdermal systems 11. Mucoadhesion 12. Granulations compaction characteristics and processing 13. Drug Protein Binding 14. Physico-chemical studies of different drug-polymer systems 15. Bioavailability studies (in-vitro and in-vivo) 16. Technology of bead manufacturing and formulations 17. Coating technology 18. Use of HPLC, NMR, DSC, X-ray diffraction for analytical methodology, assay development and physico-chemical study of materials 19. Use of computer in research 20. Quality by Design 21. Optimization of manufacturing process 22. Prototype formulations and validation 23. Troubleshooting, problem solving, product development and scale up 24. Quality control and development of methods of analysis using novel instruments such as a differential scanning colorimetry, thermomechanical analyzer, thermogravimetric analyzer; HPLC; X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscope and near-infrared technique for pharmaceutical application 25. Validation and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (PAT).
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    PhD in Pharmaceutics; Professor of Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy

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